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Alfonso Cuaron Didn’t Even Read Children of Men | What’s the Difference?


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In 2006, writer and director Alfonso Cuarón dropped Children of Men, a dystopian nightmare world where women are infertile and mankind’s time is running out. It took a few years, but the film has cemented itself as a classic, with many lauding it for an eerily accurate vision of a dark future. Based on the novel by PD James, Cuarón’s adaptation is fascinating for many reasons, but number one is, he and his co-writer didn’t write a movie about the future. They wrote it about the present. And number two… he never even read the book. So how did an auteur adapt a novel he might’ve only skimmed into a vital piece of science fiction? It’s time to ask, What’s the Difference?

The video was written and edited by Casey Redmon.

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